Admission Open in Grade XI for the year 2079

Our Admission Announcement is special this year 2069 BS. Students admitted in this Academic Session will get lots of schemes such as SCHOLARSHIP, ADMISSION SCHEME, GIFT HAMPERS and many more. So we ask students to admit faster and get all above.

Principal's Message

Dear parents, guardians, students and all,I feel extremely honored and overwhelmed to share my views with you as a principal of Aakash Deep English Secondary School and Aakash Deep College about what the school is, what the school aspires for and how we have planned to meet our aspirations. Aakash Deep School believes that every child is gifted with special talents, albeit those talents are in a dormant form. Therefore, the role of the school is to activate and bring out the talents and to discover the genius in every individual student through creating supportive and inclusive environment. The school aims to challenge its students with broad and engaging learning opportunities that inspire and motivate them to develop their creativity, confidence, values, cooperation, respect for self, togetherness and other many life values.




Our main goal is to provide proper education to our students by assisting them in their multidimensional development. To do so we provide them with latest technologies and a better environement.


To make sure our students are making progress at the required speed to meet the demands of the society we conduct exams. You can find the exam dates and routines please click the link below.


Results are the scales that measures the progress of our students. You can view results here.